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Map Credits: Terasal, Zerghunter666, Jrxss

Minecraft Version: Java, 1.17+

Map Type: Mini-game

Map Version: 1.0.3

File Size: 12.34 MB

Last updated: 07/19/2021

First Released: 04/18/2020


  • Tuns - an overgrowth cave like map with old storage and big caves.

  • Cabins - village full of vegetation and structures to hide in.

  • Goldmine - a labyrinth like abandoned mineshaft.

Power ups

  • Black eye - an enderpearl that gives the opposite team temporary blindness and slowness.

  • Showball - a snowball that reveals a random player on the opposite team.

  • Golden Hoe - a golden hoe with Knockback II and a single use.

Game modes

  • Normal - default game with no modifications.

  • PumpkinHead - equips all players with a pumpkin on their head making vision limited.

  • Ghosts - makes the Infested players invisible leaving only their particles visible.


This multiplayer mini game is a hide&seek survival that includes power ups, different maps, and different ways to play! Players begin with a grace period to find hiding spots or to come up with plans to avoid the infested player. A random player will be chosen to be the infested and their goal is to infest everyone before time runs out. The goal of the survivors is to avoid contact with infested players by hiding, fleeing, or using the various power ups that spawn in the map until time runs out.

Requires at least 2 players to be played.